Pastors for fresh appointments

Fr Caesar Joseph Walusimbi – Buluguyi Parish

The new parish priest of Our Lady of Consolata Buluguyi Parish, the newly created parish as of 30th September 2018. A parish found close to 5 kilometers to the junction to Busia and Tororo, that is Busitema revenue checkpoint. This parish is found at Muwayo trading center. The parish was curved from Busowa parish and begins from Namasere where Busowa parish ends to the end of Bugiri district boundaries that is surrounded by hill boundaries between Busia and Bugiri districts in the Eastern side of the diocese. Its the last parish now in diocese of Jinja to the East. The parish is predominantly Samya land. And the most common language there is Samya followed by Lusoga, Luganda and Kiswahili and the business language because of nearness to Kenya. You are most welcome Fr Walusimbi.

Fr Stephen Mudoola – Itanda Parish

The new parish priest of Itanda parish, previously headed (Itanda) by Fr Anatoli Balikoowa, who has gone to be parish priest of Irundu Parish. Itanda parish is along the road to Kaliro, there are many roads to Itanda parish but most commonly with better road is Namungalwe on the left as you come from Iganga town. Another direction is along the same way to Kaliro but at Nambaale that joins with that of Namungaalwe before you proceed to Itanda parish headquarters. The other one is that at Nabitende banada where there is Timber business, this one leads to the parish direct. Welcome Fr. Mudoola Stephen, (Vicar General- diocese of Jinja).

Fr Anatoli Balikoowa – Irundu Parish

The new parish priest of Irundu Parish is Fr Balikoowa Anatoli who is also the outgoing parish priest of Itanda parish. Irundu parish is situated in the north of the diocese in Buyende and Kaliro districts. Its bordered in the north by Lake Kyoga and a series of streams that lead to the lake. The famous Kagulu Rock is found in and near Irundu parish about 6 kilometers from then parish headquarters. With land of about one square kilometer at the parish headquarters. There are several roads to the parish depending on where you are from but most clear roads are the one from Kamuli town through Bugaya, one through Nawaikoke from Kaliro and then the one from Namwendwa that emerges at Irundu town, its also a quite big parish. Welcome Fr Balikoowa to Irundu on your return to where you have already been before.

Fr Lukubye Paul – Budini Parish

Fr Lukubye has been appointed at Budini, which is found just off Kaliro town its 32 Kilometers from Iganga town. As you leave Kaliro town, you bypass the road to Irundu or Nawaikoke on your left and proceed to Budini village at the headquarters of Budini Parish. Fr Lukubye had been at Buswale parish. Most welcome Fr Paul to Budini to join the two Richards Fr Okau and Gwotanakuza, on top of Fr Ssekyanzi the chaplain of Budini SS. 

Fr John Mary Dumbulu – Vocations Director

Fr John Mary Dumbulu is currently serving at St Gonzaga Gonza Minor Seminary Iganga just behind Iganga parish headquarters but on the same land actually. The other neighbor is Iganda Technical school at Walugogo. The other immediate neighbor is a swamp on the eastern side of the seminary, St Francis girls secondary school Kigulu, and St Patrick close-by.

The outgoing vocations director has been Fr Waiswa Joseph Balikudembe Katerimire, the current parish priest of Busowa parish. 

You are all most welcome to these new appointments.