Presbytery at foundation level

Since last year 2017, the diocese of Jinja has been going to the murder sight of Namirali sub-center where Late Matia Bateganya hails from. The Place is standing on an estimated 103.3 acres of land in one chunk.

guest house Namirali

House in the back yard

laying the foundation of the presbytery

On 28th May, the day when Matia was murdered. Ever since this year’s celebrations on 28th May 2017, there have been developments to reaffirm the presence of the Catholic Church¬† in Namirali, the place that was the first residence of the missionaries that had come to Iganga to establish Iganga parish.


There is a construction that is ongoing of the so-to-say boys quarter for the parish to start soon. And this will be followed by the construction of the cross and a grotto to follow suit. We are all invited to follow and assist in the constructions. At the cross will be names of contributors engraved on the beautiful precious stones on the cross. The house is only awaiting finishing and refurbishing what will make it a living house.

Presbytery to be roofed by 1 May 2019

At the same time, a lot of construction material is on site and more to be delivered especially the bricks that are being made at St Gonzaga Gonza Seminary at Iganga. A new machine in also underway that will make the work smoother and faster to ease the issue of materials problems, it would make it less expensive especially in terms of transportation.

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