Kamuli catholic parish was established in 1901 by Fr. Gregory Kestens. By 1909 the parish was administered by Fr. James Minderop assisted by Fr. Charles Shoemaker.

In 1902, the first temporary church (mud and grass thatched) was constructed by the Fr. Itam who conferred adult baptism to Dominic Mailo at the present site of St. Pius Kamuli boys primary school. The first confirmations were conducted by Bishop Hannington on 5th/April/1903 during his annual pastoral visit to established parishes.

The final settlement of missionaries, that is, Fr. G. Kestons, Fr. Term, Fr. V. Agt and Fr. Ham occupied the area next to the valley behind Bukapere next to the first place of Kamuli town near the present Buyomba zone. Later they moved to the place where St. Pius Lubaga Boys primary school is currently.

By then, there were 1100 baptized Catholics of which eleven (11) were local chiefs. Kamuli as a parish covered the present parishes of Wesunire and Irundu until 1937 by Fr. Compling, Nawanyago until 1960, and Namwendwa until 1992 when Bishop Willigers Emeritus of Jinja Diocese declared it an independent parish.


According to records, Fr. G Kestons came to Kamuli in 1900 as indicated by the first infant baptism he performed to Moses (Musa) Wambuzi son of Mapeera. It is said that the first missionaries traveled from Buganda (Nsambya), escorted by royal Baganda leaders and men of reputable character.

On their arrival in Kamuli, they were welcomed by different local chiefs. They first went to bugeywa, later they moved to Butansi present day Naluwoli sub center. They were looking for favorable communities that were friendly and receptive. They then moved to Bulogo where they stayed for some time and performed several baptisms. Among these, the first adult to be baptized was Dhizaala Joseph by Fr. V. Term on 12th/May/1901.


Earlier in 1920, Fr. Wright and his assistant had the idea of constructing a permanent church building but its immediate agency was a result of the fire accident. They had already got some builders from Buganda by the names of Tabula as chief builder who settled at Buwaiswa. Mwigo William nicknamed “Yezu” a door maker, father to Mwigo Joseph a catechist. Other builders were catechists who included Alex, Munene Stephen, Antwani and these were occupying the land after St. Theresa Girls Primary school towards Buzibirira.

The local community and the catechumens were making building blocks from the valley at Bukolobe zone opposite St. Theresa girls’ primary school. They used to carry them on their heads to the building site where the parish church stands today. The tiles were brought from Kampala on trucks (Tingatings).The church was completed in 1928.


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