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Elementor #2163

Mother PP

It was all high expectations and jubilation at Wesunire parish out-station of Kidera, when the Bishop of the catholic diocese of Jinja, jubilantly and comfortably inaugurated the parish. With many Christians present, especially from the newly opened boundaries, but by-and-large, Wesunire parish and joined by the people of the rest of the diocese.

This occasion was well attended by the politicians especially the newly elected who gave generously to the construction of the parish church and general. Hon. Elect Annet Nakato promised 100 bags of cement as well as one million shillings in cash.


The bishop confirmed more than 300 Christians on the occasion. Parishes all round gave money and household items ranging from mattresses, to food, utensils birds. On his part the bishop gave the statue of Mary and many other items, registers, financial books and the like.

Among the things bishop did was to inaugurate the new parish; opening the Fr’s house; praying for the candidates from UMMS for S.6 and St Kizito Kidera (P7); institution of the tabernacle; confirmation of candidates and installation of the parish priest who had to swear allegiance to the bishop and promised to do his part to ensure proper management of the new parish.

On the whole the parish opening ceremony was well attended by multitudes of christians and none Christians.


The chairman parish council Wesunire and parish priest Wesunire, the mother parish were dressed in the Bitengi, to signify the carrying of children done by the mothers. They were then handed the decree and then the dressing of the new parish priest was effected and he was enthroned in pretty cathedra worthy of the ceremony.

On the same occasion, bishop blessed the elderly and sick and invited the people to pray for the elderly and grand parents now that the pope has set their day as the 4th Sunday before the day of Joachim and Ann.