• By 10 am the procession had already began from the Sacristy of the cathedral, with the chief shepherd, the bishop of the diocese leading from the back as a shepherd in Israel would be according to the bible. A long line of priests were present to renew their promises and eager to receive the oils that have been long awaited since 2020 now that covid-19 had interfered with the flow of events. The number of Christians from around the diocese was conversed by the COVID-19 restrictions. Seats were enough for every one including children and some to spare. Vehicles were prevented from filling up the cathedral compound.

In-charge of health in the diocese opened with maxims like health is wealth, prevention is better than cure. We have a prevention, a vaccine astraveneca made in India to help in this maxim. Two doses in all, another after 3 weeks. And invited the people to come and get the jab. The offer was given to priests 50 years and above. As a few dozes are available. The rest would come back conveniently as the medicine flows in.

Iganga deanery led us in the function thanks to all the parishes that make up the deanery (Iganga, Namilari, Kyeabando, Buluba and Bugaya) the lead role was handed over to the schools in Kamuli deanery at the end of mass.

At the end of the day priests have got for their ministry the oils. This is the hope for all the Christians that we shall have the sacraments including the mass now that the renewal of promises was effected before our Bishop. Bishop asked the people to pray for the priests who needed their prayers as its always done the other way round only seemingly.

Bishop thanked the parish priest for the road upgrade to the Church at the cathedral.

The preacher of the day Fr Silver Owori Osuna, explained in detail the meaning of the function as he preached and the congregation occasionally approved of his preaching. Especially on the priesthood when he introduced the allegory of the football owner, whom each one needs to obey or cherish to keep the football available for playing. He invited the priests to obey their bishop to keep them with the ball in the pitch, to to say to be allowed to work in the bishop’s diocese.

It was a lovely day that ended in lunch and some refreshments. Thanks Iganga deanery for such a lovely arrangement. Special thanks to the choir from Iganga, well known as St Agnes choir.

Head of the laity crowned the day with gifts to all the priests around and those who missed would actually find something at the pastoral office from 12th April.