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Bishop mixes the oils

Fr Tumwebaze delivers the oils for consecration

Some of the priests who came to renew their promises

17th April 2019 was chrism mass for the diocese Jinja. It is an event that is central to the catholic faith. It is a day of oils and therefore refreshment of sacraments of the sick, baptism, confirmation and holy orders in terms of the priesthood. Its more so a day of the priesthood and the institution of the sacrament of the Eucharist. When the priests of the diocese of Jinja renewed their promises to the bishop of the diocese of Jinja.

On this very day, the day of the priests, the laity gave gifts to all priests around and absent to show their appreciation to their priests as they serve them in their lovely catholic faith. Later on they were hosted to a luncheon at the cathedral parish hall, they were joined by the Christians for the meal.

Fr Kayaga Richard, Sr Dhabikoba, Fr Fred Kyuka,  Msgr Kawanguzi E, MsgrIsiko, Fr Sofronius Sajabbi. Fr Dr Joseph Mpala Ngulu Translation committee headed by the the liturgical commission that is chaired by the episcopal vicar for the religious Rev Fr Mukwaya JB

Bishop receives the oils brought in courtesy of Itanda parish in Budini deanery presented by Fr Kabaka Anthony

On this occasion, a Lusoga missal was launch was launched and those behind its formation, headed by the liturgical commission, translation committee and the cultural research center. Among the main characters on this noble duty was Fr Fred Kyuka (translator), Fr Richard Kayaga(chief editor and translator), Fr Sofronius Sajabbi (in-charge of corrections-omwiruuzi), Fr Mbiro, Msgr. Christopher Isiko, Fr Joseph Mpala Ngulu, Sr Rose Agnes Dhabikoba, Fr Emmanuel Kawanguzi and a host of lay people that happened to be absent that is Chris Kunya, Mr Wansolo and others.

Fr Richard Kayaga on launching the Lusoga Missale

Due to sleeping sickness in bukaleba it was delayed till 1999. Deans and liturgical commission also did a big part in the final proofreading of the missale in lusoga. This was presented to the bishop by Fr Mukwaya JB.

Bishop unsealing the new Lusoga Missale

Among the most amazing things of the inauguration speech of Fr Richard Kayaga was the first version of the Lusoga translation for 1894 by church missionary society and by 1899, the gospel of John. Things stalled then only to relaunch and the next new testament was launched in 1999 in May, and then the full bible was launched. In 1955, a few Basoga launched the Lusoga newsletter called “KODHEEYO” to uplift the Lusoga language and didn’t take long either. Later in 1997 “NDIMUGEZI” was launched to enhance the Lusoga language too. 1966 a committee was instituted to develop the Lusoga language.

The mass of Chrism led by Bishop Rt. Rev. Charles Martin Wamika

Bishop launched using Lusoga to launch the missal but warned this is being used on trial to try and fulfil the details of Rome on liturgical books with time. He congratulated the Christians on stopping to use the leaflets. So it will be used on trial level (okugeseza). He thus authorized the use of the missal as the await the final approved missal by Rome.

Bishop Charles Martin Wamika also read the deanery that was to organize the next year’s chrism mass which will be schools in Iganga deanery. He also notified that he had signed the letters for the deacons to be ordained priests at Namirali parish that is to be opened on 18th May 2019.

In the background is Namunyumya st Michael girls boarding primary school leading the choir on Chrism mass day

Bp Wamika releasing the new Lusoga Missale

Mr Paul Baliraine thanked the Bishop for the stewardship of the diocese, the new parishes already opened and yet to be opened (Namirali) and as a laity of the diocese, gave gifts to all the priests present and absent for the good work as a sacrament to them, just as a sign of appreciation to them for the work they always do for the Christians of the diocese of Jinja. The deaneries that prepared different items and the liturgy by the children of some schools from Namunyumya that sung at the occasion.

Day of renewal of promises to the Bishop on chrism mass

Fr Paul Okello Wandera, the chairperson of the priests in the diocese of Jinja thanked the bishop for the good work and acceptance and support for the priests of the diocese of Jinja. And called for prayer for all priests and religious in what he called an age of anonymous letters that try to threaten others in service. He called for renewal and reconciliation during this Easter season and wished all a nice Easter.



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Some of the priests present at the pilgrimage. in the fore ground is the arch-priest in the diocese of Jinja parish priest of the cathedral parish Rev Fr Godfrey Etolu, Fr. Gwotanakuza at the back, followed by Fr Patrick Mubiru

Kyebando Parish was on fire from 12th to 14th October 2018, on the occasion of St Matia Mulumba. The Christians from around the diocese and from other places started arriving to attend the St Matia Mulumba pilgrimage day at Kyebando parish grounds, birth place of the saint.

St Matia Mulumba Kalemba's Statue that has gone round the diocese for the last 2 years now back to the home of Matia Mulumba Kalemba



Kyebando parish is situated in Bunha, in Mayuge in Eastern Uganda. The village is in Imanhiro sub-county, in Bunha county in Busoga.
Matia Mulumba Kalemba:
His father was Nandigobe. He was born in 1836, and was kidnapped from his Father’s at Kyebando and came as a slave to Buganda. He worked under different chiefs first in Bulemezi county and later in Mityana where he became a deputy chief of Ssingo. He was known for straight-forwardness and honesty. Due to which was given a special post Kirumba from which came the name Mulumba who had four [4] wives.

Some of the pilgrims standing by during mass

Offertory procession by Iganga parish and other people from other parishes

Bishop Charles Martin Wamika Bishop of Diocese of Jinja

Some of the Little Srs of St Francis from Kamuli in the tent of The religious with the Chairperson Kyebando parish pastoral council

Srs of Grace and compassion Irundu parish

Little Srs and Fr George Kisige in the religious’ tent

Students of St Francis secondary school Lugolole

Proposed plan for The New St Matia Mulumba Kalemba martyrs Shrine slated to cost more than a billion shillings

Miss tourism Bunha in the waiting room after mass at Kyebando parish on the day of St Matia Mulumba

Some catechists who attended the pilgrimage at Kyebando 2018

Procession lines for offertory from Iganga parish

Security presence that also meant to organize the way people were to stand without disorder-security lady here

Xaverian movement

He was light in coloring and fairly large stature. He was immensely strong, quite fireless and endowed with a powerful voice and joyous disposition and a passionate love for the truth. Due to the fact that the Moslem faith came earlier in 1852 brought by the Arabs, he professed Islamic faith first. On 30th June 1877, he was attracted to the Christian Missionaries and began attending instructions. Before he made up his mind to ask for Baptism, the catholic Missionaries arrived in Buganda on 17th February 1879.
This year thousands flocked for pilgrimage to Kyebando from different faiths including Muslims, Christians of different denominations, non-believers of some none recognized faiths and people of all walks of life for prayers and others for business in case of those who took advantage of the mammoth crowd to sell all that they had ranging from food to religious articles and clothes and many other elements that could be marketed.
There was preaching by different preachers including Fr. Paul Musana who led that of the night 13th to 14th October the D-day.
There was a challenge of rain as usual but we were spared by the intercession of St Matthias Mulumba and it only poured at 5 am. May God be praised.
On the D-day the Christians flocking in their thousands as usual appeared enthusiastic for the pilgrimage. With all the wet of the ground, the pilgrimage went on as smooth as God wanted that day and by 12 pm the liturgical function was complete. That ended in speeches and several announcements that included the launch of the construction the new ch

Miss Tourism Bunha presented by Uganda tourism Board before the Bishop of the Diocese of Jinja

urch building that would cost more than one Billion Ugandan shillings and to be footed by the Christians of the diocese and anyone who would volunteer to assist the progress of the catholic faith in this arrangement. The estimates were made by Engineers courtesy of the Parish priest of Kyebando parish. On top of this, the bishop appealed to people to support the increase of numbers in the minor seminaries that were soon conducting interviews both in Jinja and Iganga minor seminaries. UMMS 30th November 2018 there will be interviews for S.5 and St. Gonzaga Gonza Minor Seminary Iganga for S.1.
Uganda tourism board sponsored the tents and Busoga Development agency too supported the occasion.
On the occasion, the bishop resounded the efforts being done about the new Namirali parish and presented some of the possible activities and features that were to be done on the ground: for instance; the Cross that would be corresponding to the statue of Our Mother Mary and below would be the fourteen stations of the cross under-looking the big cross as a possible reflection center at Namirali. The construction is already in the hands of the Engineers. He appealed for further support in materials and financials on this cause.
Fr Waiswa Joseph Balikudembe Katerimire
The dean of Iganga deanery also thanked the deanery parishes like Iganga on pro cultu and offertory and then Buluba for the decorations, Buswale on the Tents for the efforts with the support of the Uganda tourism board and Busoga development agency, Busowa and Buluguyi on feeding the priests and religious, Kyebando on the security and public address system and clearance of the place.
Different chairpersons like from Iganga parish represented by the secretary parish council due to the loss of the brother of the chairperson of the Laity and Iganga parish council: Mr. Kaggwa Joseph, the chairpersons of Nankoma, Kamuli, Kyebando and other members.



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Fr Caesar Joseph Walusimbi – Buluguyi Parish
The new parish priest of Our Lady of Consolata Buluguyi Parish, the newly created parish as of 30th September 2018. A parish found close to 5 kilometers to the junction to Busia and Tororo, that is Busitema revenue checkpoint. This parish is found at Muwayo trading center. The parish was curved from Busowa parish and begins from Na

Fr Walusimbi – Buluguyi Parish

masere where Busowa parish ends to the end of Bugiri district boundaries that is surrounded by hill boundaries between Busia and Bugiri districts in the Eastern side of the diocese. Its the last parish now in diocese of Jinja to the East. The parish is predominantly Samya land. And the most common language there is Samya followed by Lusoga, Luganda and Kiswahili and the business language because of nearness to Kenya. You are most welcome Fr Walusimbi.
Fr Stephen Mudoola – Itanda Parish
The new parish priest of Itanda parish, previously headed (Itanda) by Fr Anatoli Balikoowa, who has gone to be parish priest of Irundu Parish. Itanda parish is along the road to Kaliro, there are many roads to Itanda parish but most commonly with better road is Namungalwe on the left as you come from Iganga town. Another direction is along the same way to Kaliro but at Nambaale that joins with that of Namungaalwe before you proceed to Itanda parish headquarters. The other one is that at Nabitende banada where there is Timber business, this one leads to the parish direct. Welcome Fr. Mudoola Stephen, (Vicar General- diocese of Jinja).
Fr Anatoli Balikoowa – Irundu Parish
The new parish priest of Irundu Parish is Fr Balikoowa Anatoli who is also the outgoing parish priest of Itanda parish. Irundu parish is situated in the north of the diocese in Buyende and Kaliro districts. Its bordered in the north by Lake Kyoga and a series of streams that lead to the lake. The famous Kagulu Rock is found in and near Irundu parish about 6 kilometers from then parish headquarters. With land of about one square kilometer at the parish headquarters. There are several roads to the parish depending on where you are from but most clear roads are the one from Kamuli town through Bugaya, one through Nawaikoke from Kaliro and then the one from Namwendwa that emerges at Irundu town, its also a quite big parish. Welcome Fr Balikoowa to Irundu on your return to where you have already been before.
Fr Lukubye Paul – Budini Parish
Fr Lukubye has been appointed at Budini, which is found just off Kaliro town its 32 Kilometers from Iganga town. As you leave Kaliro town, you bypass the road to Irundu or Nawaikoke on your left and proceed to Budini village at the headquarters of Budini Parish. Fr Lukubye had been at Buswale parish. Most welcome Fr Paul to Budini to join the two Richards Fr Okau and Gwotanakuza, on top of Fr Ssekyanzi the chaplain of Budini SS.
Fr John Mary Dumbulu – Vocations Director
Fr John Mary Dumbulu is currently serving at St Gonzaga Gonza Minor Seminary Iganga just behind Iganga parish headquarters but on the same land actually. The other neighbor is Iganda Technical school at Walugogo. The other immediate neighbor is a swamp on the eastern side of the seminary, St Francis girls secondary school Kigulu, and St Patrick close-by.
The outgoing vocations director has been Fr Waiswa Joseph Balikudembe Katerimire, the current parish priest of Busowa parish.
You are all most welcome to these new appointments.



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The Frs. House at Our Lady of Consolata Buluguyi catholic Parish – Jinja Diocese

Bishop Charles Martin Wamika standing with the pastoral coordinator Fr Paul Okello Wandera

Giving a few gifts to the New parish priest including items of devotion, books, vestments and house equipment

The long awaited Buluguyi Parish in the Catholic diocese of Jinja. Buluguyi parish formally St. Francis Xavier is now Our of Consolata following the handover of the new parish to the Consolata Fathers. The visitors were welcomed at Namasere where the new parish starts by the Christians and Fr Waiswa the parent parish priest of Busowa. The band welcomed the visitors and soon the processions began for the mass. The mass started at 10:30 AM. The mass was led by the Bishop of Jinja, Rt. Rev. Charles Martin Wamika with many concelebrants from around the diocese, including many from Lugazi that is Bweyogere parish including a good representation of the Christians from Bweyogerere parish. The ceremony was so well attended by the local Christians as well as others including of other denominations who were also thrilled with the entertainments that were performed by the organized groups.

The newly installed parish priest Rev Fr. Walusimbi Caesar Joseph

The mass was led by a choir from Busowa parish as well as the largest number from the new parish who looked so enthusiastic in their praises of the Lord for the new parish. Towards the close of the mass, Honorable Justine Lumumba Kasule,

The Decree taken around for Christians to see by Fr Waiswa Joseph

the secretary general of the ruling party in Uganda was handed the microphone to lead as one of the Christians of this are of Bugiri district and she performed a wonderful



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St Monica Women’s day at Bugembe
Theme: Merciful parent, peaceful families Ref. Luke 6:36
The day of St Monica at Bugembe on 27th August was celebrated enthusiastically and well attended by many women and men especially their husbands. The bishop of the diocese of Jinja was the main celebrant of the day that was organized under the leadership of Fr. Paul Lukubye, their chaplain as well as the parish priest of Buswale.
The men were the chief guests.
On this occasion, there were two couples that wedded originating from Bugembe parish.
A touching play was acted organized by the women of Kagoma, Bugembe and Jinja cathedral. The play was about domestic violence versus a prayerful and peaceful family. A family that is in chaos will always have crises and needs the prayerful family that is peaceful to intervene and cause peace in their family.
It came to the notice of many that this was a specially organized occasion that has never been of the degree. It was surely God’s grace. The next parish to organize would be announced in the course of time.

From correspondent at Bugembe



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Bishop Charles Martin Wamika with the newly ordained priests and deacons

Iganga choir that animated the mass of the day sung very well

It was exactly 10 AM at St Gonzaga Gonza Seminary at Iganga, just behind the headquarters of the parish that the ordinations of this year commenced. At the site, Christians and some people of different denominations gathered to take part in the ordination ceremony of seven deacons and two priests [from the Servants of Mary]. The bishop, Charles Martin Wamika flanked by a big number of priests who also included priests from other dioceses, Sisters and Brothers of different congregations was the main celebrant at the ordinations.

Representatives of the people to receive the candidates from the parents

At the ceremony, as the parents presented the candidates to the church for service, the bishop was joined by a set of representation from the people

by a representative priest, sister, youth, wedded couple, children and people with disabilities. This was to signify that the candidate is to serve all these areas and not the bishop only as a symbolism for a better understanding.

The candidates that were raised to different letters are:

  1. Rev. Fr. Godfrey Ssekandi (Parents: Ssegujja Godfrey & Nakuya Scholastica – from Nakulabye parish: Kampala Archdiocese)

    Rev. Fr. Ssekandi Godfrey – Nakulabye parish

  2. Rev. Fr. Kunihira Gervazio Atwooki (Parents: Ssalongo Claudius Byaruhanga Amooti [RIP] & Nalongo Plaxeda Matama Abwooli – Wekomiira Parish: Fort Portal)

    Rev. Fr. Kunihira Gervazio Atwooki Wekomire Parish Fort Portal

  3. Deacon Charles Bakubye (Parents: Bakubye Emmanuel [RIP] & Mrs Bakubye Lovisa – Kagoma Parish)
  4. Deacon Julius Kaziba (Parents: Tidhomu Boniface & Namulondo Mary – Busowa Parish)

    Deacon Charles Bakubye Kagoma Parish

  5. Deacon Charles Kasadha (Parents: Sizoomu Patrick & Namutamba Petroline – Iganga parish)

    Deacon Gerald Muto Wesunire Parish

  6. Deacon Denis Ngobi Wanzala (Parents: Mulekwa Francis & Nakanyagi Caroline Kyakuwaire – Budini parish)

    Deacon Julius Kaziba Busowa Parish

  7. Deacon Gerald Muto

    Deacon Denis Ngobi Wanzala

    (Parents: Boniface Kirigwajjo [RIP] & Miria Mukyala [RIP] – Wesunire parish)

    Deacon Charles Kasadha Iganga Parish

  8. Deacon Isiko Ronald (Parents: Kiirya Peter & Sylvia – Buswale parish)

    Deacon Osuna Owori Stephen – Kakira Parish

  9. Deacon Stephen Osuna Owori (Parents: Othieno James[RIP] & Ateri Esther Lucy – Kakira parish)

Deacon Isiko Ronald Buswale Parish


  1. Kaagoma Michael (Parents: Kaagoma Herbert Silver & Namwase Mirabu Beatrice – Namunyumya parish)
  2. Kakanga Paul (Parents: Naluswa Stephen & Kasuubo Justine Florence – Kamuli parish)
  3. Luwalala John Bosco Eriazali (Parents: Luwalala John Bosco & Luwalala Monica – Kiyunga)
  4. Otanga Joseph (Parents: Etyang James & Bweguyibwa Teopista – Kyebando parish)
  5. Tikiryamunaku Taddeo (Parents: Koolya Samuel & Namulondo Margaret – Nawanyago parish)
  6. Vumbi Solomoni (Parents: Vumbi John & Adong Alice – Iganga parish)
  7. Wakabi Anslem (Parents: Tigastwa Stephen & Nabirye Evelyn – Itanda parish)


  1. Biina Anthony Guma (Parents: Kayabya Alex [RIP] & Nantabo Elizabeth – Irundu parish)
  2. Ndase Joseph Kasadha (Parents: Sizoomu Patrick & Namutamba Petroline – Iganga parish)
  3. Ssebuufu David (Parents: Kalyango Christropher & Nambalirwa Justine – Bugembe parish)

At the occasion, an appointment was announced of the new vocations director for the diocese of Jinja, that is Fr John Mary Dumbulu who replaced Fr. Waiswa Joseph Balikuddembe Katerimire. The Bishop thanked outgoing director and wished success to the new vocations director.

We at the office of social communications wish all newly ordained and newly appointed all the best in the vineyard of the Lord



Pope Francis to the People of God:




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Namirali is a sub-center in Iganga parish. In 2016, 28th May, there was an attack on catholic Christians by some disgruntled men of the family of their late father who donated land for church use and they killed Mr Matia Bateganya and cut with pangas and pierced with spears and knives other Christians who were present in bid to make them yield the land of the church to their families but in vain. Some Christians took refuge in nearby families of relatives of the attackers who sympathizers with the Christians.

As a result they were hunted by the police who up to date there are some who are on the run while others have been presented in court.

Every year the diocese will be celebrate that 28th (as for now unless otherwise redetermined) day of May in honor of the christian who died for his faith and those who were injured severely as they stood their ground for their faith.

This year 2018 we will have the eve led by the Catholic charismatic renewal with an overnight prayer. This will be followed by the main day prayers led by the bishop of the diocese of Jinja, The rite Rev. Bishop Charles Martin Wamika. Mass will start at 10 am local time.

May God grant graces for all the pilgrims of that day.

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