Our Lady of Fatima Parish hosts 20 guests from Austria

The parish for almost a week was full of joy not only from the parishioners of Fatima parish but also Wesunire Parish and Buswale shared the same. On 25th Aug the visitors joined other members to the wedding of Mr. Kaloli and Annet (Annet is a sister to Fr. Paul Wandera). On Sunday 26th Aug they attended the 2nd Mass at Fatima which was animated by the GANAL community then later they headed to Buswale to attend a thanks giving Mass for Deacon Isiko where they enjoyed a typical African dish. On Monday 27th Aug at 9:00am there was a football match between the Parishioners and the visitors thank God to Kalinaki Mathias who joined in the dying minutes of the second half to level the game and it ended 2-2, this was followed by a series of meetings at 11:00 am it was with the women, followed by the men at 1:00 pm then in the evening they met with the Parish council. The climax was dinner which was also graced by the Ordinary Jinja. Fr. David. S who led the delegation said they have travelled to several countries but have never found a better country than Uganda. Tues 28th the visitors attended the morning Mass before heading for Namugongo martyrs shrine and later to Entebbe.

By Mathias Kalinaki (Secretary Jinja diocesan men’s council)

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