Bishop Charles Martin Wamika with the newly ordained priests and deacons

Iganga choir that animated the mass of the day sung very well

It was exactly 10 AM at St Gonzaga Gonza Seminary at Iganga, just behind the headquarters of the parish that the ordinations of this year commenced. At the site, Christians and some people of different denominations gathered to take part in the ordination ceremony of seven deacons and two priests [from the Servants of Mary]. The bishop, Charles Martin Wamika flanked by a big number of priests who also included priests from other dioceses, Sisters and Brothers of different congregations was the main celebrant at the ordinations.

Representatives of the people to receive the candidates from the parents

At the ceremony, as the parents presented the candidates to the church for service, the bishop was joined by a set of representation from the people

by a representative priest, sister, youth, wedded couple, children and people with disabilities. This was to signify that the candidate is to serve all these areas and not the bishop only as a symbolism for a better understanding.

The candidates that were raised to different letters are:

  1. Rev. Fr. Godfrey Ssekandi (Parents: Ssegujja Godfrey & Nakuya Scholastica – from Nakulabye parish: Kampala Archdiocese)

    Rev. Fr. Ssekandi Godfrey – Nakulabye parish

  2. Rev. Fr. Kunihira Gervazio Atwooki (Parents: Ssalongo Claudius Byaruhanga Amooti [RIP] & Nalongo Plaxeda Matama Abwooli – Wekomiira Parish: Fort Portal)

    Rev. Fr. Kunihira Gervazio Atwooki Wekomire Parish Fort Portal

  3. Deacon Charles Bakubye (Parents: Bakubye Emmanuel [RIP] & Mrs Bakubye Lovisa – Kagoma Parish)
  4. Deacon Julius Kaziba (Parents: Tidhomu Boniface & Namulondo Mary – Busowa Parish)

    Deacon Charles Bakubye Kagoma Parish

  5. Deacon Charles Kasadha (Parents: Sizoomu Patrick & Namutamba Petroline – Iganga parish)

    Deacon Gerald Muto Wesunire Parish

  6. Deacon Denis Ngobi Wanzala (Parents: Mulekwa Francis & Nakanyagi Caroline Kyakuwaire – Budini parish)

    Deacon Julius Kaziba Busowa Parish

  7. Deacon Gerald Muto

    Deacon Denis Ngobi Wanzala

    (Parents: Boniface Kirigwajjo [RIP] & Miria Mukyala [RIP] – Wesunire parish)

    Deacon Charles Kasadha Iganga Parish

  8. Deacon Isiko Ronald (Parents: Kiirya Peter & Sylvia – Buswale parish)

    Deacon Osuna Owori Stephen – Kakira Parish

  9. Deacon Stephen Osuna Owori (Parents: Othieno James[RIP] & Ateri Esther Lucy – Kakira parish)

Deacon Isiko Ronald Buswale Parish


  1. Kaagoma Michael (Parents: Kaagoma Herbert Silver & Namwase Mirabu Beatrice – Namunyumya parish)
  2. Kakanga Paul (Parents: Naluswa Stephen & Kasuubo Justine Florence – Kamuli parish)
  3. Luwalala John Bosco Eriazali (Parents: Luwalala John Bosco & Luwalala Monica – Kiyunga)
  4. Otanga Joseph (Parents: Etyang James & Bweguyibwa Teopista – Kyebando parish)
  5. Tikiryamunaku Taddeo (Parents: Koolya Samuel & Namulondo Margaret – Nawanyago parish)
  6. Vumbi Solomoni (Parents: Vumbi John & Adong Alice – Iganga parish)
  7. Wakabi Anslem (Parents: Tigastwa Stephen & Nabirye Evelyn – Itanda parish)


  1. Biina Anthony Guma (Parents: Kayabya Alex [RIP] & Nantabo Elizabeth – Irundu parish)
  2. Ndase Joseph Kasadha (Parents: Sizoomu Patrick & Namutamba Petroline – Iganga parish)
  3. Ssebuufu David (Parents: Kalyango Christropher & Nambalirwa Justine – Bugembe parish)

At the occasion, an appointment was announced of the new vocations director for the diocese of Jinja, that is Fr John Mary Dumbulu who replaced Fr. Waiswa Joseph Balikuddembe Katerimire. The Bishop thanked outgoing director and wished success to the new vocations director.

We at the office of social communications wish all newly ordained and newly appointed all the best in the vineyard of the Lord



Pope Francis to the People of God:


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