Biography of the late Matia Bateganya

Bateganya Matia was the son of the late Mr Webi Erisa and Mrs Naigaga Ruth (became crippled after birth and he was born by caesarian section). He was a son of Erisa Ndeku and Mutesi. The great-grand-father Esega. He was born in a family of five children (1 boy and four girls). His father converted from the protestant faith to the catholic.

He is from Baise Mabanda clan and the totem is Ngiri.

The grand-father migrated from Buvuma into Busiki that is Namawodo village where he got five children and one of whom was Erisa Ndeku who left the place and settled in Iganga in Kiboyo village. He had two children one of whom was late Waibi Erisa the father of late Matia Bateganya.

Matia Bateganya was born on 25th/8/1956 at the area of Church Missionary Society (CMS) hospital. He was born with four sisters in the order of age:

  1. Bateganya Matia;
  2. Kauma Elizabeth;
  3. Babita;
  4. Kadija Mutesi;
  5. Kaudha Tapenensi;

Bateganya Matia received baptism in 1976 at CMS; he got married in 1981 with Kaudha Rose. The had eight (8) children as listed:

  1. Waiswa Edward; (born 1985)
  2. Kavuma Suzan; (1988)
  3. Baliraine Julius; (1991)
  4. Balyejusa Joseph; (1993)
  5. Mutesi Betty; (1996)
  6. Bateganya John Bosco; (1998)
  7. Kavuma Lydia (Lydia)
  8. Naigaga Margaret; (2003)


The late Bateganya went through the religious education at Namirali and finished at CMS. He practiced construction from 1976 to 1977. After which he started riding boda-boda bicycle in 1978 to 2017. His occupation was peasant and boda-boda (a name of bicycle rider which originated from Busia Border as the riders used to operate at the border for their business). This work of boda-boda he began in 1978.

He married traditionally in 1981 and wedded in church 22nd December 1995, wedding out of love. His wife converted from the protestant faith.

He was a trusted worthy man. He loved his children who loved them equally. He used to love the environment and protected and planted trees. And a freedom fighter. And a social man.

He spread the gospel among his children and called on them not to fragment land for the sake of togetherness. He was the chairperson for development in the church from 2000-2003. He was also the chairperson for culture from 2004 – 2017 in Namirali sub-centre.


Matia was baptized by Msgr Christopher Isiko when an adult (Baptism Number Ad. 17330) on 29th April 1976 at the age of 20 years. He wedded on 22nd/12/1995 at Namirali subcentre by Fr Sajjabi.

He has been a pilgrim to Namugongo and Kyebando Martyrs’ shrines.

He was killed for issues of land at Namirali subcentre by the settlers on the land on 28th May 2017 at his home place at Kiboyo village.

He left 4 children in school in school and other 4 had left school. Those in school are Baliraine Julius, Bateganya John Bosco, Kavuma Lydia and Naigaga Margaret.

Sources are relatives and research by Fr Grace Kintu parish priest Namirali parish


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