Part of the thousands that attended Bugonza Pilgrimage

Con-celebrants at the mass

Bugonza day dawned again this year with a retreat from 28th June 2018, organized by the parish priest of Budini Richard Kizito Fr. Okau with his priest Fr Richard Gwotanakuza, who on the eve gave the pilgrims confessions in preparation for the pilgrimage. A good number of pilgrims from near and far participated as some who had walked from different parishes had already arrived to refresh before hand.

A group of leaders from the Siloam community Kyebando, Kakira, cathedral, Budini, Iganga and others from different parishes took on the intercession, teaching, praise and worship, healing and deliverance ministries as need be.

This was followed by the eve prayers popularly known as overnight prayers. The main celebrant was Fr Paul Musana. The theme of the seminar was TRUE FAITH what bolstered St Gonzaga Gonza and all martyrs to fight to the end of the tunnel devoid of that, we wouldn’t be coming on pilgrimage.

A Moslem Pilgrim from Iganga welcomed and blessed by Bp Wamika Charles

Tent of the Religious brothers, sisters and  Major Seminarians

The pilgrimage was attended by people of all walks of life including other religions like protestant pilgrims, Moslems, Pentecostals and all others on top of the Catholic owners of the even. The protestant side was among others the relatives of St. Gonzaga who stay a stone throw just close to the pilgrimage site, and that is the birth place of St Gonzaga Gonza. The pilgrimage was also occasioned by people of all walks of life
The Srs, Brs, Priests and Bishop, the main celebrant were the official leaders of our faith to grace the occasion.


The mass of the day was officiated by Bishop Charles Martin Wamika, the Bishop of the diocese of Jinja. Among the issues he introduced at the end of the occasion was the Cross monument that is to be constructed at Namilari and a basket was introduced  for that matter and a tune of 0.8 M was contributed by the pilgrims of the day as an initial contribution to launch its construction to remember the Christians who were attacked and one killed at the site of the place where the faith in the diocese was first planted and the parish headquarters before being transferred to Iganga at Walugogo area, the current location. At Namirali, “Matia Bateganya was killed by the attackers ” who claimed to be Moslems as some are known and some people were cut using machetes including a pregnant woman and others who survived. It has been declared

Late Bateganya Matia born of Namirali subcentre

a parish on its own from Iganga and other surrounding parishes which have contributed centres to make the new Namirali parish.


Deacons to ordained priests

security presence

Nephews of St Gonzaga Gonza

Marvelous choir from Budini who helped the pilgrims to pray better

The parish priest Kizito Richard Fr. Okau, called on the support of the entire diocese, as well as the pledge of the state to honor their pledge of developing pilgrimage or religious sites to bolster tourism, as the Christians also benefit from the promise with having a decent place of prayer. This would help save the current situation where things are not right at the school on the site in terms of cleanliness, the places of convenience are always left in a mess after the day of pilgrimage. This led to the parish priest intervening

Those to be deacons this year by asking the DEO (Kaliro district) to let the children of the school not come to school on Monday 2nd July 2018, after the pilgrimage at least till Tuesday when the cleaning will be complete by paid people other than tormenting the children who study at the school with the burden of cleanup which he agreed genuinely. He went on to thank the different parishes that contributed to the success of the event, Budini being number one, as  Budini

Procession for the word of God

deanery were the organizers and Budini parish contributed the choir that sung so well. Kiyunga parish (decoration), Itanda parish offertory, Namunyumya (feeding the official pilgrims), Kalamira (public address system). Institutions in Budini parish, schools, individuals and different sub-centres contributed heavily to the success. 

At the mass

On the Occasion was the chairperson of the Laity diocese of Jinja, Mr Baliraine Paul who is also the chairperson of Iganga parish council, and his council and the occasion was blessed by the presence of Chairperson laity in Tororo archdiocese Mr Ssalongo Robert Kamiza


The choir from Budini

Secondary school on assisting duties on pilgrimage day

The choir from Budini

All the candidates from the diocese to be lifted to different levels in ministries

Seminarians’ corner in the tent of the religious

Procession to mass


catechists and students on voluntary service from Budini




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