The Bishop Rt. Rev. Charles Martin led a delegation to go mourn, encourage and console Christian’s community of Namilari sub-centre for the loss of Matia Bateganya who was killed by anti- Catholics who wanted to steal church land (103.3 acres). Other 4 people were injured a lot by those very anti-Catholics who had settled our land. Matia Bateganya on 28th/5/17 Sunday morning went to pray as usual. As soon as he reached at Namilari sub-centre together with other Christians, they saw these anti-Catholics coming with stones, pangas and spears to kill them. Within a few minutes, the elder son of Mr. Matia Bateganya received a call telling him that his father and other Christians were being beaten at Namilari. The son hurried by a motorcycle at the site and told his father to sit on the motorcycle and they go back home, but Matia said “Son I cannot, I will have betrayed my fellow Christians” finally he was killed by cutting off his head died as he was genuflecting while holding apart his rosary in his hand praying and the other part seems to have thrown away by these murderers.


Names Bateganya Matia
Date of Birth 23rd June, 1955
Parents Waibi Bosco and Naigaga Ruth of Busiki Namuwondo
Education Junior 3
Baptism 1972 at CMS Iganga
Married In 1982 to Rose Kawuda
Holy Matrimony 1998
Occupation Boda Boda (Bicycle)
Was in charge of: Information in the church
Died on 28th May, 2017
Children 1.      Waiswa Edward

2.      Suzan Tamwisanga

3.      Balilaine Julius

4.      Balyejusa Joseph

5.      Mutesi Betty

6.      John Bosco Bateganya

7.      Naigaga Juliet


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