BUDINI:   Our Lady and All Souls. (1907)               
P. O. Box 8, KALIRO.
Diocesan Priests, Bannakaroli Brothers,
Little Sisters of St. Francis, Health Centre,
Primary Schools, Secondary School.
BUGEMBE: Holy Cross (1990)                             
P. O. Box 1037, JINJA.
Religious Priests & Brothers of Holy Cross,
Primary Schools, Secondary School,
Sisters of the Holy Cross Noviciate, Holy Cross Formation House (CSC)
Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, Health Centre, Wanyange
Nursery School, Grade School, Little Sisters of St. Francis, Sisters of Mary,
Day Care centre for children.
BULUBA: St. Francis of Assisi (1925)P. O. Box 1059,  IGANGA.
Diocesan Priest, Bannakaroli Brothers, LSOSF, and Hospital
BUSOWA: Our Lady Queen of Martyrs (1950)P. O. Box 253, IGANGA
Diocesan Priests, Little Sisters of St. Francis,
Primary and Vocational Secondary School,
Mother Kevin Spiritual Centre.
BUSWALE: Uganda Martyrs (1966)  P. O. Box 410, IGANGA
Diocesan Priests, Primary and Secondary School, Health Centre.


CATHEDRAL: St. Joseph Rubaga Hill (1900) P. O. Box 1505, JINJA
Diocesan Priests, Bannabikira Sisters,
Bannakaroli Brothers, Boys Home,
Evangelising Sisters of Mary (Postulancy),
Uganda Martyrs’ Minor Seminary, Philosophy Centre, Mother Kevin Generalate, Primary and Secondary School,
Vocational Institute,
Comboni Formation House,
Lavigerie Formation House, Mill Hill Formation House,
Kiwamirembe (OSM) Formation House, Apostles of Jesus Formation House,
Claretian Philosophy House, Carmelite Friars Formation House.
FATIMA:  Our Lady of Fatima (1951) P.O. Box 1154, JINJA
Tel. 0434-130647
Diocesan Priests, St. Ludigo Technical Centre,
Missionary Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles,
Enkabi Centre, Rubaga Students’ Centre,
St. Jude Social Centre,
Cultural Research Centre,JIDDECO,
St. Muzeyi Building, Balidhabene House,
St. Camillus Pastoral Care Centre,
IGANGA: St. Peter Claver (1901)P.O. Box 4,  IGANGA.
Diocesan Priests, Little Sisters of St. Francis,
Region House LSOSF, Technical Institute,
Secondary School,
Babies Home, Primary Schools.
IRUNDU: St. Matia Mulumba (1964 / 2000)P.0. Box 673, JINJA.
Diocesan Priests,
Benedictine Sisters of Grace and Compassion,
Technical School,Primary School,
Dispensary & Nursery School.
ITANDA:  St. Gonzaga Gonza  (1966)    P.O. Box 251, IGANGA.
Diocesan Priests, Agro- Forestry Project,
Primary Schools


KAGOMA: St. Gonzaga Gonza   (1986)P.O. Box 1809, JINJA.
Diocesan Priests and a Religious Priest,
Sisters of Mary Reparatrix,
Primary and Secondary Schools, BUWENGE Rectory
KAKIRA: St. Therese of Lisieux (1949) P.O. Box 3034, KAKIRA.
Religious Priests OFM. Cap,
Primary School, Vocational School,
Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes.
KAMULI: Our Lady and St. Joseph (1901) P.O. Box 77,  KAMULI.
Diocesan and Religious Priests (SDB),
Little Sisters of St. Francis, Hospital and Midwifery Training School, Vocational School, Primary and Secondary School
KIYUNGA: Our Lady of Assumption (1955) P.O. Box 673, JINJA.
Religious Priests, (CMF),
St. Gonzaga Gonza Training Centre,
Primary and Secondary Schools, Health Centre, Vocational School, Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
KYEBANDO: Our Lady Queen of Peace (1961) & St. Matia Mulumba Shrine
P.O. Box 1397, MAYUGE.
Diocesan Priests, Agro Forestry Project,
Siloam Community,Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph
NAMUNYUMYA:Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary (1949) P.O. Box 13, BUSEMBATYA.
Diocesan Priests, Little Sisters of St. Francis,
Primary Schools.
NAMWENDWA:St. Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe (1992) P.O. Box 673, JINJA.
Diocesan Priests.
NANKOMA:   St. Francis Kii Chi (2001) P. O. Box 355, BUGIRI.
Diocesan Priests.
NAWANYAGO: Our Lady, Help of Christians (1960)

P. O. Box 153, KAMULI.
Diocesan Priests, Bannabikira Sisters, Health Centre,Primary School.    

WALUKUBA: Our Lady of Assumption (1956)P. O. Box 903, JINJA
Diocesan Priests,
Evangelizing Sisters of Mary,
Nursery and Secondary School
WESUNIRE:   Sacred Heart (1937)

P.O. Box 98, KAMULI
Diocesan Priests ,
Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph
Health Centre, Primary School
Queen of Apostles Philosophy Centre  – Jinja (P.C.J
P. O. Box 798  Jinja.      Tel. +256 332277160