Iganga catholic parish, under the patronage of St. Peter Clever is one of the 20 parishes in jinja diocese linearly found in Iganga district central Busoga region and in the Centre of the catholic diocese of Jinja. It is 37 Kms from jinja town and 3 Kms from Iganga town.with its headquarters located at the periphery of a small trading center called C.M.S long Jinja- Tororo-Busia on the known trans-African high way.it is built in Bukoyo Village, in Bulamagi sub-county, Kigulu South constituency, comprises of 54 sub-centers under 12 centers.

Compared to other parishes, iganga esteems  an urban-setting under St. Gonzaga center, St. Jude and Bukoyo centers, semi-rural under Bulanga, Bugodi, Mawagala, Bugaye centers and distinctively rural settings under Nakivumbi, Wante and Bubenge, Bubogo, Igeyero centers.




The beginning of Iganga parish is a product of a very long history.  Before a mission station was opened up, Iganga parish was part of the huge vicariate of the upper Nile, established in 1894 and covering a distance of 40,000 square miles. Iganga was eventually penned in February 1901 as the second mill hill missionary station in Busoga. This mission was founded by Fr. Gregory Kestens (MHM) at the estate of a sub chief of Nhiiro known katekalusi. The area covered by Iganga parish formely include Busowa, Namunyumya, Buswale, kyebando, kyunga. Today Iganga parish covers part of Luuka county, Bunya county, Butembe county, Bugweri  county , the biggest part being in Kigulu County.

Sitting area groto

Fr. Gregory Kastens and F. Kirkwere the first parish Priests appointed by Bishop Henry Hanlon on 1st March, 1901.

On January 1st 1903, the Uganda Government’s Marriage ordinance came into effect. The missions were obliged, under this ordinance, to license certain churches for the public celebration and registration of marriages. It was because of this clause that the MHM station at Iganga was registered under the patronage of St. Peter Claver. Iganga has so far existed for 116 years. It is right to note that there a remarkable and regular promising progression in material and spiritual dimensions.