The diocese of Jinja covered a civic area then known as the District of Busoga. It stretches from Lake Victoria in the South, Lake Kyoga in the North, River Nile in the West and River Mpologoma in the North East, making Busoga almost an Island. Now, the region of Busoga although remaining the same, has been subdivided into seven civic districts of: Jinja, Kamuli, Iganga, Bugiri, Kaliro, Luuka, Namayingo, Namutumba, Buyende and Mayuge.

This diocese was originally part of the Vicariate of the Upper Nile and later, of the Diocese of Kampala. It was  first evangelized by the Mill Hill Missionaries from 1899 on-wards after a short-lived attempt by a couple of Missionaries of Africa (1889-1890).

On the 5th of August 1966 the new Diocese of Jinja was created, being cut off from the former Diocese of Kampala and the See of the latter being transferred to Jinja.


Area                                            8,917 sq. km.
Population                                3,000,000
Catholics                                   699,500
Parishes                                     21
Diocesan Priests                      78+1 FD
Missionary Priests                   38
Missionary Sisters                   54
Missionary Brothers                06
Ugandan Brothers                   10
Ugandan Sisters                       119
Catechists (trained)                 234
Untrained                                  579

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