appointments 2

  1. Charles Kakooza, A. J Parish Priest Kyebando.
  2. Fr. Anthony Musana Parish Priest Namwendwa.
  3. Fr. John Bosco Etyang Assistant Parish Priest Cathedral.
  4. Fr. Joseph Nambago Assistant Parish Priest Kamuli.

4 thoughts on “appointments 2

  1. Gerald Muto

    Thanks very much the Communication Office for the great work you are doing to keep us update concerning the information of our beloved diocese of Jinja. We really appreciate keep up the spirit. However a few things need to be updated and added.
    for example
    1. Busoga region now has more than the seven districts mentioned
    2. Spelling error of Wesunile it should be “Wesunire”
    3. The present statistics of priests, deacons, seminarians, religious, catechists, parishes e.t.c
    Otherwise we are grateful that we have reached this far. We thank God and we continue to pray for His blessings in all our endeavours.
    Thank you.
    God bless you.

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Rev. Muto Gerald, we are grateful for the edifying comments, thanks for the effort we shall work on the issues as presented, God bless you for your time and love for the diocese.

  2. Musisi m

    Hullo thanks for update but what happened to the proposed diocese of jinja radio we a missing our Christian radio

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Mr Musisi,
      The proposed diocese of Jinja radio is still underway and plans are in high gear. Currently the move for pledges is still being followed including the promise by the head of state as major promise to the diocese has not yet been fulfilled. So we call for more contributions. Someone wanted to sell us an existing radio by it was still very expensive, but with all set we shall have the radio next year early possibly.

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